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Community Awareness & Education

CAE Mission Statement: The role of the Community Awareness Education Team is to inform and educate the community on poverty/hunger issues in Portage County and the activities of the Hunger Prevention Partnership.

Chair: Mary Ann Krems 344-2453
Members: Mary Ann Krems, Mary Le May, Janet Swiston, Mary Ann Baird, Rebecca Suehring, Shannon Williams, Mary Ann Baird, Laura Hanneman

Strategies include:
a. Sharing information with the media.
b. Maintaining a speakers bureau on hunger poverty issues.
c. Providing informational material and displays.
d. Promoting the Plant a Row Project.


Plant A Row Program: 2013 found that personal gardeners donated 10,008 # of food, Giving Gardens donated 1,462 # of food for a total of 11,470 # of food! (up from 9,555 # of food in 2012).

Other donations came in at 8,508 pounds! (from commercial resources, etc...)

Want to donate some produce from your garden?
Firm, clean fruits and durable vegetables can be donated to the follow agencies:

  • Family Crisis Center 1616 W. River Dr .
  • Lincoln Center 1519 Water St.
  • Operation Bootstrap 5000 Heffron
  • Salvation Army 1600 Briggs
  • Interfaith Food Pantry 2nd & 4th Tuesdays (Call 341-5655 to donate)
  • St. Vincent DePaul 2700 Post Rd, Plover
  • Catholic Charities and Rosholt Food Pantry

Please...Plant a Row for the Hungry

Current Activities


Future Actions

Updating and educating as needed and necessary.